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Heating with Propane

Heating your home with propane is the latest alternative to other fuel sources. It is modern, clean, and contrary to what you hear from others, it is perfectly safe. Today, heating with the use of propane can be done through furnaces, boilers, and space heaters, all of which have their own advantages and benefits. The […]

Why Is Propane Better than Electric Heat?

You can’t argue with the fact that propane is a lot more economical and even more efficient when compared to electric-based heating. And what’s even better is to know that practically anything inside your home that runs on electricity can also run using propane. While they’re quite similar in a lot of ways, a home […]

The Truth about Propane Heating Efficiency

When it comes to home heating, a lot of people know nothing about propane. That’s because they’re used to hearing about two major fuel sources, namely natural gas and oil. Also, electric heating is getting its fair share of fans, too. But what you don’t know is that heating a home using propane is actually […]

Propane Heating Saving Tips

Propane these days is used not just for cooking. Many American homes actually rely on it to heat their homes. The reason for its resurgence as a source of heating is because of its abundance. As a matter of fact, about forty five percent of propane being used in the U.S. is attributed to both […]