Heating with Propane

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Heating your home with propane is the latest alternative to other fuel sources. It is modern, clean, and contrary to what you hear from others, it is perfectly safe. Today, heating with the use of propane can be done through furnaces, boilers, and space heaters, all of which have their own advantages and benefits. The kind of propane heating you install and use at home depends primarily on your needs and the setup of your living space.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the three ways of propane heating and the advantages of switching to propane in general.

It’s Time to Make a Change

All your life you’ve been using heating oil, electricity, or natural gas to heat your home. They’re the three most popular and traditional sources. However, you may not know it yet, but propane is actually something that will change the perception of homeowners that only those three exist. And yes, propane is affordable, it is readily available, versatile, and provides utmost comfort in the form of efficient and effective heating.

Today, different propane heating systems can be configured in distinctive ways – central, radiant, or forced air. In theory, it is able to curb the homeowner’s energy bills by up to 60% if used properly and efficiently.

Propane Furnace

The best thing about propane furnaces is that they have the greatest flexibility both in capacity of equipment and function. Hence, they are a particularly good fit for literally all kinds of home setups. Know that there are those high efficiency propane furnaces that come with almost 90% AFUE, suggesting that they are able to capture and trap heat from combustion gasses, in the process utilizing the same to improve the level of heat transfer of the furnace.

Those highly efficient furnaces come with variable speed units, the purpose of which is for the furnace to heat the home in the most stable state. As a matter of fact, the heated air that is produced by this furnace is a lot warmer compared to that of what is produced by electric heat pumps.

Boilers Powered by Propane

Meanwhile, a propane boiler can work as an effective way to space heat a home or even an office building, while at the same time providing hot water at the most efficient level. Boilers powered by propane can either be condensing or non-condensing, but the former is a lot more efficient compared to the latter.

For its space heating functions, the boiler will technically be working with several heating delivery systems, like for instance a hydronic baseboard system or even the traditional forced-air system, in which the hot water from the boiler will be acting as the source of the heat.

Radiant Floor Heating

In this setup, a propane water heater or a typical boiler will be heating the water, which then is pumped through a floor tubing system. The result is perfect and even heat distribution, which in turn leads to better energy efficiency compared to a conventional means of heating using ducts.

Space Heaters

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Finally, the best and most ideal propane-based heating equipment for small spaces are space heaters. They are either mounted on the wall or free standing and usually come equipped with blowers and thermostats for distributing and managing heat. The best thing about propane-based space heaters is that they emit minimum amounts of greenhouse gases, which is a complete opposite of other space heaters using another type of fuel.

With propane heating, you’re in for a completely different type of heating source that actually has the potential of becoming the main source of heating in the not-so-distant future. In a few decades from now, it may very well become the most sought after fuel for heating.