The Basics of Furnace Maintenance

furnace maintenanceThe ability of your home heating system to function properly depends a lot on the condition of your furnace. Therefore, maintaining it is imperative, regardless of the type of fuel or energy source that powers the entire heating system. For the most part, a furnace will last for several years before you need to do major repairs or replacement. The key is maintenance since no furnace, no matter how expensive or advanced, will be able to do the maintaining on its own.

For a homeowner who could only think about furnace maintenance when winter is approaching, there will come a time when problems happen and there no longer is sufficient time to fix it before the arrival of the cold season. And also, the lack of maintenance will most likely translate into costly repairs.

The Basics

The first and most important factor to consider when doing furnace maintenance is ensuring that you are working under the safest conditions. This means that you must learn what the right safety measures are. For instance, the power system as well as all the electrical components and circuits connected to the furnace need to be turned or shut off, the obvious purpose of which is to avoid getting electrocuted or causing fire.

The filter system on the furnace plays an integral role, which means that it also needs to be cleaned and replaced periodically. This applies to both oil and gas furnaces. The purpose of the filter system is to prevent dirt from entering and collecting at the bottom or any part of the furnace. Therefore, it is common for it to easily get dirty and clogged. The moment the filter becomes completely clogged, it’s time for you to replace it instead of trying to clean it. The good thing is it’s affordable.

Your next concern after the filter is the furnace ducts. These ducts are prone to serious damage because they are made of very light material. This is especially true if they are left with all sorts of debris, including dirt and dust. If you feel like it’s difficult for you to do the cleaning on your own, then you can tap the services of a service technician who, for the most part, will be using a high-powered vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt in there. After cleaning, they all will be sealed in order to prevent the possibility of air leaks.

In the end, the job of maintaining your furnace should be considered as an essential part of keeping your home heating system working properly. It isn’t something that you only look at as an optional thing. The fact is it may require some effort, but it isn’t really as difficult as it seems once you finally make a habit out of it. Also, you need to realize that it won’t cost you anything, too, which means there really is no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Without regular maintenance, don’t expect your heating system to last that long or the way it is supposed to.