The Truth about Propane Heating Efficiency

When it comes to home heating, a lot of people know nothing about propane. That’s because they’re used to hearing about two major fuel sources, namely natural gas and oil. Also, electric heating is getting its fair share of fans, too. But what you don’t know is that heating a home using propane is actually one of the most efficient, and we are talking about both costs and the maintenance of a warm and comfortable environment.

Propane today is being used in different capacities and functions. There are portable space heaters that use it and there are also some new and modern built-in propane heating systems. The former is commonly found in many small living spaces like apartments, rooms, and condos. A built-in propane heating system on the other hand is actually a type of gas heating that is rapidly increasing in popularity because of its sophistication and amazing level of efficiency.

propane space heatingSpace Heaters

Perhaps the most common and widely used propane heating is the space heater. It is either recessed in the wall or placed into an existing fireplace. This type is operated by way of accessing a source of natural gas at home. The source in this case can either be a utility company network or a gas line that runs to the home and coming from a propane storage tank stored outside. But the same principle works in both cases. It means that heating with propane space heater allows you to warm specific sections of your home. It is actually a very convenient advantage because you only have to heat a room or space that needs it. This also is handy in times when people from the other room don’t really want theirs to be heated. If you want to feel a bit cooler, you can easily control the unit’s temperature so that it can be lowered.

Space Heating with Thermostats

Good thing is majority of propane powered heating units and equipment these days are already equipped with thermostats. The thermostat is intended to automatically lower the flame once the room being heated has reached a certain temperature that you determined previously. As a result, you’ll be saving a lot of energy money on your annual heating bills.

With space heaters that use propane, there’s a higher efficiency rate when compared to that of using wood fire. But then again, why do you really need to give up on using the traditional coziness of a real fire when you can have both of them? The thing is gas logs may be mounted in a fireplace and then connected to a gas jet. The flames produced from the gas source will then flicker and lick around the logs, working similarly to that of burning wood logs in the fireplace. But the difference is that there will be no burden of cleaning up the ashes since there will be any ashes left. Also, you get to lower or increase the flame based on your preference so as to keep the room utterly comfortable.

propane fireplaceCentral Heating

For large propane heating equipment meanwhile, you get to choose a central heating system that provides a larger heating coverage. Working like electric pumps, this type of equipment will be pushing warm air through the ducts that run to every room at home. And the reality about a propane-based heating system is that it can generate or produce the same amount of heat to that of any type of electric system, but this time at a significantly lower cost. With a higher BTU than electric, you have with you very energy efficient heating equipment.

Finally, one of the best things about propane heating is that it gets very handy when you’re in an emergency. In times when bad weather causes power outage, propane heating can be used while waiting for power to get back on.