Top Reasons To Have an Energy Audit at Home

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Millions of homeowners don’t realize the importance of energy audit at home simply because they actually don’t have a clue what it is in the first place. This kind of evaluation is particularly important for every homeowner who thinks they’re spending too much on energy costs. Once it is performed and results come in, you’ll know for certain why you’re paying a lot of money for your energy consumption.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best reasons why you should get up on your comfortable couch right now and ask for a home energy evaluation. Let’s start by grabbing an excerpt from the website, in a post called “5 Best Reasons Why You Should Have An Energy Audit.

Save Money!

Building improvements are complicated and can cost a lot of money. Most people do not know which improvements will save them the most money. An energy audit will provide you with the information you need to safely update your home and start saving money. Typically an audit will include a prioritized list of improvements so you can pick away at them over time. Rarely do I find a homeowner who is able to address all the energy saving measures for their home all at once.

Be More Comfortable In Your Home!

Occupant comfort level is attributed to several factors: Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Moving Air, and Radiant Temperature. We expect thermal comfort in our homes. Heating and cooling of our homes requires 30%-70% of our annual energy consumption. Having a qualified professional tell you how to maintain a higher level of comfort in your home could save you tons of money! Replacing those old windows might not make your home less drafty. So let someone tell you where that draft is coming from, or why the floor is so cold.

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Perhaps the most sensible reason of them all is the fact that an energy audit will allow you to save money in the long run. The result of the audit will give you a bird’s eye view of the current state of your energy usage. It is within the data you’ll find that some of the appliances, equipment, and other electronic stuff in your home have been the culprit in the always rising cost of energy consumption.

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But to be more specific, an energy audit is designed to give you the most specific details of your energy consumption, which in turn will let you plan ahead on how to adjust. Take this very informative discussion by

Understand the energy efficiency of your home

Due to the complexity of homes, the only real way to understand how it is performing is through an energy audit. A comprehensive energy assessment, which includes a complete inspection of all parts of the home, diagnostic testing, modeling/analysis and detailed report, will unravel the mysteries. The exact energy efficiency of your home can be compared to current standards and best practices.

Learn specific ways to improve energy efficiency and lower your bill

Once the comfort and efficiency details of your home are revealed through an energy assessment, recommendations for improving home performance can be formulated and quantified to help you make decisions about which to pursue.

Get connected with valuable resources, home performance contractors and attractive rebates

Understanding your home’s unique characteristics, and which steps to take, enables you to focus your research and discussions with home performance industry services and products professionals. You will specifically be able to ensure that the improvements you target will have the desired outcome. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of available rebate programs.

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In its most generic sense, an energy audit is all about encouraging and embracing efficiency. Some people think of it as a waste of time, but rest assured, it’ll help you save money and get to spend it somewhere else that you want, instead of spending it on energy consumption alone.