Very Good Reasons Why Oil Heat is Still the Best Option for Heating Your Home

Thanks to huge improvements and developments in technology, the way we use appliances and equipment for heating at home has significantly evolved, making us consume energy and fuel sources in a more efficient manner. As a matter of fact, annual fuel consumption in the U.S. has been reduced by as much as forty percent and the main reason for that is because we’ve been using better equipment today.

Of the many different sources of heating for both residential and commercial settings, it is heating oil that has benefited greatly from continuous improvements in heating equipment technology. Greener fuel is the latest trend. For instance, many territories are exploring the sufficiency and capability of ultra-low sulfur heating oil combined with biofuel. One reason why we can attest that oil is still the best option for heating your home is because of this one. It is a clean burning fuel that is capable of producing fewer carbon emissions compared to natural gas. As a matter of fact, natural gas actually has become the fuel that produces more carbon due to the increasing use of liquefied natural gas. Also, the issue of methane leaks from natural gas use in homes is always an environmental issue.

environment friendlyClean Burning Advancements

With modern oil burners, you get something new. This new innovation comes in the form of near zero levels of pollution. Therefore heating with oil nowadays with the help of these modern oil burners corresponds to zero odors, soot, or any kind of harmful residue in your home. If everyone starts to appreciate and embrace the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel and along with the cutting-edge emission control advancements, emissions will eventually cut to their minimum, leading to a safer and cleaner way to burn oil for heating.

Fuel Conservation

Moreover, the modern and highly efficient oil heat systems of today will not only encourage saving money, they also help the environment in the noblest way – by means of using less of oil as fuel. So fuel conservation using heating oil is no longer just about saving money, you also are going to help the environment’s cause.

oil prices going downAlso, you may still don’t know it yet but there are initiatives focused on integrating solar as well as geothermal energies to oil heat using hybrid systems, the purpose of which is to use them for water heating. As a result, there is that intriguing and rather very interesting possibility of heating water at home with little or even zero fuel needed. For instance, a solar water heater has the capability of reducing water heating bills by as much as eighty percent. It also reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide by almost fifty percent.

Oil is in Abundant Supply Today

Experts and companies agree that there are at least five trillion barrels of world petroleum resources today. If you don’t have a clue as to its potential to support the world’s demands for oil, consider this one: to date, the entire oil industry has produced about one trillion barrels of oil since the 1800s. Now that’s a couple of centuries and you should understand that the demand for it wasn’t that high in the 1800s and 1900s. What’s even better news is that aside from the fact that the world won’t be running out of oil anytime soon, the global reserves are actually growing with continued explorations.

Looking For Heating Oil Delivery Services

If you are currently heating your home with oil, you’re one of the millions of homeowners across the U.S. who understands and recognizes its reliability. It has been used in heating for centuries and there is no single doubt as to its dependability and effectiveness in terms of keeping everyone warm and comfortable inside their homes. But if you want to keep your winter the way it is supposed to be, which is warm and comfy, you need to hire a local heating oil delivery company that is as reliable as the product they’re providing you. Don’t count on those who cannot product licenses and permits, and most especially insurance coverage. Go for a company who has long provided quality service in your locality.